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The concept of keeping your beverages hot or cold for an extended period of time is intriguing. Furthermore, whether you choose to store tea/coffee or a cold soft drink, a vacuum flask comes immediately to mind. However, how frequently have you considered using vacuum flasks instead of other flasks? Is the question of which one is superior bothering you? We are here to help out.

About Vacuum Insulated Flask Manufacturer in India

Learn everything there is to know about vacuum flasks before deciding which one to use and how Nanobot – The best Vacuum Insulated Flask Manufacturer in India, can serve you with unparalleled hydration experiences.

What exactly are vacuum flasks?

Vacuum flasks, also recognised as thermos flasks, are storage containers that are vacuum insulated. It enables the liquid to preserve its temperature irrespective of the temperature outside. It is not possible to heat or refrigerate your drinks at any time or place. As a result, vacuum flasks are built to keep liquids hot or cold for up to 8 hours. But, Nanobot’s vepo vacuum flask can keep your drink cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 18 hours. Furthermore, the modern designs include a variety of advanced features as well as materials.

How do the Nanobot’s vacuum bottles actually work?

Our vacuum insulated bottles are ideal for keeping cool this summer or for hot tea/coffees for the upcoming winter season. You might be wondering how our insulated water bottles manage to keep liquids icy cold for 24 hours as well as perfectly hot for 18 hours. We insulate with vacuum rather than plastics, foams, or even other materials. Instead, our double wall insulated bottles have 2 layers of stainless steel – an inner wall and an outer wall separated by a thin layer of vacuum.

To elaborate, double wall insulation restricts the exchange of warm and cold temperatures. When you pour icy cold water into an insulated bottle, the inner wall quickly warms up to match the temperature of the drink. The outer layer, on the contrary hand, will remain at room temp, so when you come to pick it up, you won’t realise it’s filled with extremely cold water. This is attributable to the layer of vacuum that acts as a buffer between both layers. Even if you leave your insulated flask in the sun, the outside might be too hot to touch, but the liquid inside it will remain at the same temperature for a long time.

Vepo Vacuum Flask - nanobot - Vacuum Insulated Flask Manufacturer in India

Why Nanobot’s Vacuum Insulated Flasks are the best for your needs?

  • Elegant designs and Easy to use body-structures: Nowadays, finding a bottle that is simultaneously functional and stylish is essential. You need a bottle that will function as an ideal accessory to bring with you everywhere you go, as well as something which will make a statement piece. It should also be able to fit flawlessly in your hands for a pleasant experience.

Thus, Nanobot, Vacuum Insulated Flask Manufacturer in India, offers pleasant styles with optimized body structures that make holding so easy. Our vacuum bottles can also be customised to your liking. You can also have their names engraved or choose various designs or colours for every member if you’re purchasing for the entire family.

  • Free of condensation: Our Vacuum Insulated Flasks are condensation-free, which means they won’t sweat on the hands or other items. The outside of your flask will not be affected by how hot or cold the fluid inside is.
  • Durable: Our Vacuum Insulated Flasks are exceptionally long-lasting. Our bottles are made from stainless steel, which is extremely durable and strong. Furthermore, this stainless steel is resistant to rust and has a lower thermal conductivity.
  • There are no flavour transfers: Our premium quality stainless steel is used in all of our products. This means that the liquid inside will not have a metallic taste or flavourings from previous drinks.
  • Free of BPA and toxins: Our products are toxin and BPA-free. Nanobot’s products are highly safe to use because they are made from high-quality(food-grade) materials. This not only ensures the bottle’s durability, but it also makes it resistant to bacteria as well as mould growth. Quality is absolutely critical when acquiring a bottle. When it tends to come to bottled water, you never understand what kind of water is used by most businesses.

BPA is also present in plastics (Bisphenol A). When it enters the body, it can cause diseases like cancer as well as type 2 diabetes. The best method for avoiding this chemical is to use vacuum insulated bottles. They are BPA-free and keep all chemicals out of your water.

Nanobot Vacuum Bottles are widely available. These are equipped with insulated walls to keep the temperature stable, and it can hold any type of liquid without losing flavour. Plus, the gorgeous styles are surely the eye-catching part. We are the best Vacuum Insulated Flask Manufacturer in India because we serve the best when it comes to long-lasting, dependable, and sustainable.