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Is It Healthy To Drink Out Of Stainless Steel Bottles?

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Are you concerned about the effects of your water consumption on your general health? There are some compelling reasons to choose a stainless steel water bottle over a plastic one. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of stainless steel water bottles for your health & how is it healthy to drink out of stainless steel bottles.

They assist you in avoiding BPA.

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a compound that is frequently used to reduce the brittleness of plastic containers as well as other materials. It’s also discovered in some food packaging, such as stainless steel bottles. Some people are concerned that BPA will cause health issues, including cancer. In recent times, there has been a lot of discussion about BPA and its potential health hazards. In a nutshell, BPA is a chemical that is used to create some plastic containers and other types of food packaging resistant to heat as well as other chemicals.

BPA, or bisphenol-A, has been completely banned in Japan and Canada. Following in their footsteps, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibited BPA from baby bottles as well as sippy cups in 2012. So why is it still permitted in plastic water bottles? According to studies, BPA is hazardous to your health. BPA is not prevalent in stainless steel bottles that are free of plastic.

One significant advantage of stainless-steel bottles is that they are frequently BPA-free. According to Environmental Science & Technology, “Bisphenol A (BPA), also recognised as DBP and 2-phenylpropanoid acid, is a synthetic oestrogen found in so many plastics as well
as epoxy resins used in packaged foods and other products.”

It can be difficult to determine whether a stainless-steel beverage bottle contains BPA. Many businesses do not declare their products to be BPA-free, but a few do. Nanobot is the BPA-free Steel Bottles Manufacturer in India you’re looking for.

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They do not contain any other potentially harmful chemicals.

Despite studies showing a clear link between BPA as well as reproductive issues, BPA is still widely used in many plastic bottles, including disposable as well as reusable water bottles. Even if a plastic water bottle does not contain BPA, it is still likely to have other toxins? Almost all plastic water bottles leak other endocrine-disrupting chemicals after sitting for a while or being exposed to heat. Yuck!

In a 2011 study, researchers purchased over 450 plastic items designed to carry food and water from stores. They discovered that, while the majority of the products were BPA-free, 70% of them ejected chemicals that mimicked oestrogen. Because plastic is porous in nature, each sip of it is surely likely to be accompanied by a gulp of harmful bacteria.

Mould as well as other bacteria are kept at bay by using stainless steel water bottles.
Stainless steel water bottles are rust, corrosion, as well as stain resistant in addition to becoming chemical-free. They don’t give mould and bacteria a place to hide if they’re well-designed.

They don’t keep flavours.

Is this something you’ve heard before? You bring a re – usable plastic bottle filled with home – made iced chai tea mocha to work. Yum! It is sitting on your desk all day and is also washed in the sink at night. Next morning, you run it in the dishwasher the next morning as well as refill it with ice water. You realise that your ice water tasted a bit like chai tea on your journey to work. Yuck!

Flavours do not remain in high-quality stainless steel water bottles. So you can be confident that no matter what you pour it with, you will not wake up with a cup of coffee-flavoured water.

Because of the numerous benefits they offer, Nanobot Steel Bottles are surely the best bottles you would want for your daily hydration. Nanobot is the best Stainless Steel Water Bottle Manufacturer India and offers premium quality products for a healthier life.