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Nanobot’s Hydro steel bottles are single layer 100% stainless steel bottles. They are made from premium stainless steel 201 entirely from the cap to the base of the bottle. Special design lid eliminate leakage issues & gives a leak proof stylish product. Carry your protein shake, juices and soups in the bottle while you go hiking and camping. You can simply unscrew the lid to refill the bottle. Access the sipper by lifting the cap. The stylish exterior and color combination makes this bottle a must have.
A major perk of single wall bottles is their weight. Because single wall bottles have only one wall of stainless steel, the bottles are much lighter, easier to carry. Single wall bottles are extremely durable and can be bounced around and roughed up to last through all of your off-the-beaten-path adventures.

Nanobot’s Sports single walled bottles are exclusively designed to fit in the bicycles, backpacks and vehicle cup holders. Their convenient design and suitability makes it easy for you carry it anywhere you go. They are made from stainless steel which provides a robust build for any occasion whether it be hiking, cycling, camping and gym or just to the office. Its special design along with its material is a testament to its durability.
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