Being a Manufacturer in India, a country with a huge population, we believe that we could make a difference in sustainability by bringing a change in hydration habits. With Save Nature as our vital mission, we manufacture our products to last long. Preserving Earth is the prime key to ensure that our beloved nature remains a source for all to appreciate. Nanobot makes sure that the manufacturing process causes no harm to the environment; that is why our Made in India vacuum flask bottles come with the advantages of being recycled.
Non-recyclable plastic waste either ends in oceans or in landfills, making its path to the waterway and affecting animal life and the ecosystem. Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year; at least 8 million end up in the ocean every year. As per a study, by 2050, there will be more plastic in oceans than fish. The single-use plastic bottle has a great share of plastic waste. And to more, for making one year supply of plastic bottles, 17 million barrels oil is required, which means for every 1000 bottles, 1 barrel of oil is required. Oil extraction has caused severe effects, as we all know. So plastic not only affects the environment via waste but also by rigorous extraction of oil for its production.

But this all can be prevented, just by making a choice, a choice for a better planet. Switching to reusable water bottles like made in India vacuum flask bottles is the easiest way to do our part in the plastic pollution crisis. One reusable bottle could save our planet from 167 plastic single-use bottles. With a Nanobot bottle and flasks, we can change our habits away from single-use plastic bottles by changing to steel bottles that can be recycled easily and without harming nature. Nanobot is a Stainless Steel Water Bottle Manufacturer in India and has aimed to maintain and support ‘Made in India’ goals, but we cannot achieve the change alone; no one can do it. That’s also the best part!

Let’s do this together: today, for tomorrow.