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Reusable Water Bottles As Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts - Nanobot - Many customers contact us for information on private label insulated reusable water bottles. They want to purchase personalised water bottles. While they are primarily new to the water bottle sector, they are very focused on designing the form of the water bottle and its packaging, as well as incorporating their product into our existing stainless steel insulated water bottles in order to implement the marketing plan. Nanobot has a wealth of experience in assisting customers in building their own brands. Why Purchase Custom Water Bottles? Custom bottles are ideal for brand promotion and gifting to employees or clients. Furthermore, because water bottles are reusable, they reduce the waste generated by discarding disposable plastic water bottles. However, there are several factors to consider before purchasing a water bottle, along with the shape, colour, style, and ounce potential. It is also critical to consider your target audience and their lifestyle. Paying attention to the details can make all the difference! When it tends to come to promotional products, there are numerous advantages. According to a PPAI consumer study, 83 percent of customers are more likely to do business with brands out of which they garnered promotional giveaways than with other brands. In addition, eight out of ten consumers said they prefer to pass on a promotional commodity if they don't keep it for themselves, which helps the brand's reach. Those figures speak for themselves! You will be seeing results if you advertise your business with promotional products. Custom Water Bottles' Ideal Customers Knowing who you want to target is essential when selecting a custom water bottle. Now, based on your brand, you can target a wide range of clients. Do you have any clients who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, or camping? Give them a personalised water bottle that is slightly more durable than others or is better suited for outdoor use. Give away custom water bottles to promote your brand at trade shows, fundraisers, or conferences. Custom water bottles are the ideal giveaway for marathon running or cheerleading competitions, keeping athletes hydrated and ready to compete! College fundraising is another excellent venue for giving away personalised water bottles. Let's be honest: what college student or your employees don't like free stuff? Personalised water bottles are great for almost anything, so check out all of our different styles below to find the right water bottle for you! Finally, giving promotional items such as custom (stainless steel)water bottles to clients leaves a positive impression of your company. So, what are you holding out for? Explore the Nanobot(stainless) Steel Bottles and you will be able to customize all the trending colours, body shapes and bottle accessories to ace up your corporate gifting game. At Nanobot, we are committed to producing innovative and eco-friendly products for the global masses through technological advancement. Nanobot Steel bottles in India are easy to carry, very hard to break and extremely durable. They don’t absorb flavour so your water(drinks) will always taste fresh. They are made from food-grade stainless steel and are leak-proof and easy to carry. We take pride in being the first successful vacuum insulated flask and stainless steel water bottle manufacturer(in) India.d We use environment friendly materials throughout the process of making these bottles, sourcing all our raw materials locally and keeping the entire manufacturing process in India. With this at heart, we have aimed to maintain 100% compliance with the 'Make in India' goals. Thus, Nanobot can be your end to search for all the water problems and a great source of helping hand to your contribution to sustainability as well as innovative corporate gifting options
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