Nanobot Bottles

Our bottles are broadly classified as double wall and single wall bottles. The single-walled bottles are the regular stainless steel bottles – light-weight, durable & easy to carry. On the other hand, the double-walled bottles are like weather-proof containers that keep your Cold Drinks-Cold for 24 hours and Hot Drinks-Hot for up to 24 hours. The double-walled bottles are designed in a way that keeps them sweat-free during the summers.
All the bottles are engineered to be completely leak-proof, which makes them ideal for traveling purposes. Stepping further, we have also ensured that our stainless steel bottles are 100% BPA free and are made using only the safest and well-performing materials. To suit individual needs, our bottles come in different capacities ranging from 350ml to 1800ml. Also, to avoid the monotony of silver-colored vacuum insulated bottles, we have curated a wide spectrum of different shades and designs.

Double Layer/ Vacuum Insulated

304 Vacuum Insulated Bottles Made in India-Nanobot
Our advanced double-walled high vacuum insulation protects temperatures for hours, cold drinks stay icy cold for 24 hours and hot drinks stay piping hot for 24 hours. Keeps you refreshed & hydrated all day long and hence it is an inspirational product for a healthy life.
Our bottles are made from premium quality stainless steel 304 entirely from the cap to the base of the bottle. We ensure the quality remains intact throughout the length and breadth of our product. Vacuum insulation, long temperature retention and premium stainless steel 304 body and cap make our double layered bottles your choice.

Single Layer

Nanobot’s Hydro steel bottles are single layer 100% stainless steel bottles. They are made from premium stainless steel 201 entirely from the cap to the base of the bottle. Special design lid eliminate leakage issues & gives a leak proof stylish product. Carry your protein shake, juices and soups in the bottle while you go hiking and camping. You can simply unscrew the lid to refill the bottle. Access the sipper by lifting the cap. The stylish exterior and color combination makes this bottle a must have.
A major perk of single wall bottles is their weight. Because single wall bottles have only one wall of stainless steel, the bottles are much lighter, easier to carry. Single wall bottles are extremely durable and can be bounced around and roughed up to last through all of your off-the-beaten-path adventures.

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