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Why clean water is important ?

Why clean water is important ?

As we know, water is the most Important source for survival of all living beings, as it has played a vital role from our blood constituents to numerous body processes, but do we know, that it also supplies us with essential nutrients. Well let’s get deeper into that and also let us find out why a non contaminated water has drawn so much attention of humans.

Generally, ph level less than 7 is considered acidic and above 7 is considered alkaline. Water must contain pH 7, however it may vary due to presence of metal ions of Iron, Manganese, Copper, Lead and Zinc. So a range of 6.5 to 8.5 pH of water is considered good. But due to the toxicity of industrial wastes and human plastic waste, pH levels has varied with addition to contamination. There comes the need for treating water. Besides packaged mineral water, regular tap water are treated with disinfectants and are added with Calcium and Magnesium. These are the basic minerals we get from water. Although the water has relatively small contribution in daily dietary, but the calcium and magnesium in it, has proven positive health benefits in cardiovascular diseases.

Another reason for water to be important is that it is the most essential part of any beverages we intake. From juices to tea, from milk to cold drinks, water is the major constituent among all.

What plastic bottles had done to Earth ?

The extensive use of single-use plastic bottles has led several countries to incinerate the plastic, which is extraordinarily dangerous for the environment. Because it releases harmful chemicals after burning, or are merely used for landfilling or getting dumped into rivers and oceans.

Sustainability has become an important point to us in recent years. This has been partly fuelled by recent revelations from scientists that recommend we’ve got simply twelve years to vary the approach we tend to treat the world as a result of the injury we’ve done and still do have irreversible consequences. This news has opened several people’s eyes to impact their decisions in choosing us. One of the foremost fashionable changes individuals have begun to create is to switch from single-use plastic bottles to various, a lot of reusable choices, like stainless steel bottles.

Why Nanobot Steel bottles and Vacuum Flasks ?

The importance of clean water has shown that wherever we go, however we go, a companion for water storage is necessary. However, several people have been habitual with plastic bottles. Reason being the foremost is that it is cheap, and lightweight. But for those two benefits we are compromising way too much with our body, the Earth and with coming generations.

Let’s start with What is BPA and Why we should avoid using products containing BPA.

BPA is an abbreviation used for Bisphenol A. BPA is cheap and it also increases the durability of plastics, i.e. plastics wont break or deform if heated or cooled at some level, which has made BPA to be used vastly in plastic water bottles and food storage containers production.

BPA having soluble nature makes it vulnerable. It means that when it comes in contact with liquids or heat, the bond with plastic breaks and BPA mixes with the contents of food and beverage. The intake of BPA by human body has shown adverse effects like heart disease, diabetes, infertility, weight gain and disrupts brain regulations. These effects has led a fear in human minds. But how can the plastic products manufacturers could stop, so they replaced with BPA free products. The substituents used are BPF and BPS which also has similar properties like BPA.

We at Nanobot have taken human health at the highest priority. We use BPA Free Stainless Steel for production of our products. Nanobot bottles are the perfect companion for your liquid storage.

In addition to above, stainless steel bottles are way easier to stay clean. On the opposite hand, plastic are porous material, which means it”ll retain flavours from previous drink. Will you ever want your beverage to taste and smell like another substance ?Nanobot presents stainless steel bottles that will clearly be reused for extended periods of your time than plastic bottles.

1. Maintains the temperature of your drinks

A chilled glass of juice on a hot day is all you would like to refresh yourself. However, if you travel or don’t like drinking pre-packaged juices, a Nanobot stainless steel bottle is the right possibility for you. Storing juices in plastic bottles is of no use because it doesn’t maintain the temperature of your hot or cold beverages and increase the possibility of chemicals oozing into the juices. We manufacture such stainless steel bottles that solely maintain the temperature of the recent or cold beverages and keep them chemical-free.

2. Eco-Friendly

Pollution, air, and water could be a rising concern worldwide. A significant contributor to air and water pollution is the mistreatment of plastic bottles. Merchandising plastic bottles causes an excessive nursing level of pollution, whereas burning plastic bottles cause pollution. Stainless steel bottles helps in associate eco-friendly possibility as they’re made up of natural components. Our stainless steel bottles can even be recycled, making them a hundred per cent eco-friendly product.

3. Hygienic

Plastic bottles harbour microorganism, which may cause a variety of health issues. Stainless steel bottles are non-reactive. That is that the reason why they don’t leach or have to be compelled to be lined. Additionally, Nanobot steel bottles don’t accumulate microorganism that builds it extraordinarily safe to use them.

4. Durability

Plastic water bottles are flimsy and broken simply. A number of the plastic bottles was created just for single-use and is crushed. We at, with our stainless steel bottles are sturdy compared to plastic bottles. The simplest half is you’ll be able to wash the bottle in an exceeding dishwasher. Stainless steel bottles are often employed in virtually every condition. That is why they’re most popular by frequent travellers, likewise as athletes.

5. Easy to scrub

When you use plastic bottles for a protracted time, it develops a chromatic tinge that is incredibly tough.Nanobot bottles, however, don’t develop any tinge and are simple to scrub. All you would do is wash our bottles with predicament to get rid of odour or the other stains. In case the bottle wants deeper clean-up, combine associate in nursing equal quantity of saleratus and vinegar in water and store the mixture within the chrome steel bottle nightlong.Though plastic bottles are widely used, they cause various health issues and damage the setting. Stainless steel bottles are a secure that doesn’t affect the setting. The vacuum insulated bottles from solely lock the beverages  temperature and are high in capability, making them extraordinarily convenient to be used.

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