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How is Nanobot’s vacuum insulation technology beneficial?

How is Nanobot’s vacuum insulation technology beneficial?

Many people choose glass water bottles while choosing a water bottle rather than stainless steel vacuum insulated bottles as they look more clean and transparent, this idea is incorrect.

A stainless steel water bottle is related to alloy products. Common metal elements are chromium, nickel, silicon, carbon, aluminium, etc. We all know that iron is a trace element that the human body needs to absorb daily, but this element cannot be provided to us in a glass cup/glass water bottle. Just like we usually need to choose iron utensils for cooking, this is also the reason.

Now while drinking water, many youngsters will choose ice water, but as long as you pay attention to it, it is easy to find out that older people will drink hot water. The older generation even asks us to drink more hot water and less ice water.

What is the benefit of drinking hot water with a vacuum flask bottle?

Stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle has three functions: heat protection, cold protection, and freshness protection. It also has many benefits, which are related to health, fashion, and environmental protection. It meets the requirements of the current green environmental protection and low-carbon economy. It is in line with people’s consumption concept and popular trend.

The advantages of drinking water from a vacuum insulated water bottle are definite. Stainless steel materials, in particular, are nowadays used in many vacuum insulated water bottles. The iron element of stainless steel material is beneficial for the human body. But currently, the quality of stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle on the market is uneven.

So while buying stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles, you should choose branded products with high popularity and a good reputation. You should try Nanobot’s range of vacuum insulated bottles on our website. We are one of the top vacuum insulated bottles manufacturer in India. Our all bottles are of great quality and proudly made in India.

How is Nanobot's vacuum insulation technology beneficial

304 18/8 Grade Stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles are manufactured primarily through vacuum technology combining internal and external double-layer stainless steel materials. The vacuum structure of our water bottle can effectively control heat conduction, heat convection, and heat radiation to achieve the purpose of heat preservation, cold preservation, and freshness preservation.

How does vacuum insulation work in Nanobot’s bottles?

Nanobot’s vacuum insulated bottles are the perfect water bottles to keep you cool this summer. You might be thinking about how exactly our vacuum insulated water bottles work or how they keep the liquid cold for about 24 hours and even hot for about 24 hours?

We don’t use any low-grade material or plastics, foams, or other materials to manufacture our bottles. We offer double layer insulated bottles with two walls of 304 18/8 Grade stainless steel, an inner wall, and an outer wall.

Our double-layer insulation avoids the transfer of hot and cold temperatures. E.g., when you pour cold water into our insulated bottle, the inner layer will quickly match the temperature of the water. Whereas the outer layer will stay at the room’s temperature, you won’t feel at all that it is filled with cold water whenever you pick it up.

This is because of the layer of vacuum between the two layers that behaves like a insulation. Even if you leave your bottle in a warm place, the outside layer may get too hot, but still, the liquid inside will remain at the same temperature for a long period.

What are the major benefits of Nanobot’s 304 18/8 Grade stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles?

(1) Health

Our 304 18/8 Grade stainless steel vacuum-insulated water bottle can keep the water temperature in the container for a long time. It is convenient for users to enjoy a hot drink at different times and places. It is beneficial for improving the standard of living of people. Secondly, the stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottle uses stainless steel as the raw material, which will not produce harmful substances and odours in the use process.

(2) Environmental Protection

Promoting the use of stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles can effectively reduce environmental pollution caused by the waste of disposable plastic containers, paper cups, and natural resources such as oil in plastic containers.

(3) Condensation Free

Nanobot’s stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles are free from condensation, which means that the bottle won’t sweat on your hands. Irrespective of how hot or cold liquid is inside, the outside of your bottle will not get affected.

(4) Durable

Nanobot’s stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles are extremely durable. Our 304 18/8 Grade vacuum insulated bottles use food-grade stainless steel, which is strong and reliable. Also, the stainless steel that we use is resistant to corrosion.

How is Nanobot's vacuum insulation technology beneficial

(5) No Flavour Transfers

All Nanobot’s double-wall bottles use 304 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. That means the liquid inside it will not contain any metal taste or other flavours from previous drinks stored inside.

(6) Appearance

With the continuous change of consumer aesthetics and the continuous advancement of product manufacturing technology, we have integrated various elements into product appearance design. The product style is increasingly diversified to meet consumer demand.

From this, you can very well understand how is Nanobot’s vacuum insulation technology beneficial for you and mother Earth. But still, plastic bottles are widely used as they are cheaper, but they cause many health issues and harm nature in several ways.

However, our stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles are safe and hygienic, which not at all affect nature in any way. The range of vacuum insulated bottles from Nanobot not only locks the temperature of the drinks but are also available in various capacities and colours as per your requirements, which makes it convenient for everyone and every purpose.

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