Benefits of A Double Walled Water Bottle

Benefits of A Double Walled Water Bottle

What is the purpose of a double-walled water bottle?

Stainless steel is the material used for making a vacuum bottle, and it has a double-walled body. The vacuum between the two layers of stainless steel is responsible for its ability to maintain an optimal temperature inside.

A stainless-steel water bottle is an excellent option if you’re trying to decide what type of water bottle is right for you. Water bottles offered by these companies don’t have the same benefits as other brands. Stainless steel water bottles are becoming increasingly popular, and you’re in the right place to learn why. 

Here are some benefits of double-layer insulated bottle.

1. They prevent BPA from entering your body

The Japanese and Canadian governments have banned bisphenol-A completely. As a result of their lead, the United States federal agency FDA banned BPA from baby bottles and Sippy cups in 2012. Why are plastic water bottles still allowed to contain it? Studies have shown that BPA causes health problems in humans. The stainless-steel bottles are 100 percent BPA-free.

Benefits of A Double Walled Water Bottle

2. They don’t contain any other harmful substances

It is still ubiquitous in many plastic bottles, including both reusable and disposable water bottles, despite the fact that studies show a clear connection between BPA and reproductive issues. Did you know, however, that a plastic bottle may still contain harmful toxins even if it doesn’t contain BPA?

Almost all plastic bottles leak other endocrine-disrupting chemicals when they have been sitting around or exposed to heat. Gross!

In a study done in 2011, researchers bought more than 450 plastic products designed for transporting foods and beverages from stores such as Whole Foods and Walmart. The researchers found that even though most of the products were BPA-free, 70 percent released chemicals that act like oestrogens. Plastisol is porous, so every time you drink, you are probably gulping harmful bacteria along with it.

3. Water bottles made from stainless steel prevent the growth of mild and other bacteria

Stainless steel water bottles are chemical-free and resistant to rust, corrosion, and stains. They don’t provide a place for mild or bacteria to hide if they are designed properly.

4. Stainless steel water bottles are environmentally friendly

The average person recycled only about 12 percent of the plastic water bottles they buy? In addition, despite putting 12 percent of everything into the recycling bin, only 50 percent is actually recycled.

Thus, most plastic water bottles end up in our landfills, where they each decompose after approximately one thousand years. These plastic bottles leach harmful chemicals into our environment.

5. They consume fewer resources and use less energy

Did you know a bottle of water is made up of three times more water than it takes to fill it? Tap water is produced with approximately 2,000 times more energy than a bottle of water.

In the United States, 17 million bottles of bottle water are produced each year using oil. A total of 40,000 18-wheelers plies our roads just to deliver bottled water to our retail stores – in just one week. All of that adds up to a lot of fossil fuels used for the manufacture and transportation of the bottles. The bottles later decompose in our landfills, and, if they weren’t recycled, all those resources would be wasted.

6. Flavours are not retained

Is this something you’ve encountered before? You fill your reusable plastic bottle with a homemade ice, chai, tea, latte and bring it with you to work. It sits on your desk for a long time during the day, and you accidentally leave it in the sink overnight. The next morning, you run it through the dishwasher and refill it with ice water. On your way to work, you notice that your ice water tastes like chai, tea! Yuck!

High-quality stainless steel water bottles do not retain flavours. So, you can rest assured that no matter what you fill it with, you won’t wind up with a cup of coffee-tasting water in the morning.

7. Studies have shown that tap water tastes better than bottled water anyway

While the taste of tap water is sometimes inferior to that of bottled water, studies have shown that people actually prefer the taste of tap water. When asked which tastes better, consumers are much more likely to say bottled water because it does not have fancy marketing or celebrities behind it. In the end, however, studies have shown that tap water consistently tastes better than bottled water.

Benefits of A Double Walled Water Bottle

8. They keep your water hot or cold for longer

Unlike plastic and glass containers, one of the greatest insulated stainless steel water bottle benefit is that it can keep your beverages hot or cold longer. By keeping your beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours, Nanobot Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle can help you say goodbye to Luke-warm coffee and too-warm lemon water!

9. It is much cheaper to drink from stainless steel bottles than from bottled water

Water holds the second largest share of the beverage market in the United States. Bottled water is more popular than beer or milk in the United States, and American consumers spend more than 12 billion a year on the product. The purchase of bottled water is becoming a more costly habit every year.

A few reusable stainless steel water bottles could save the average American family hundreds of dollars over several years.

Is there anything more convenient than your own bottle?

People like us are busy. It’s easier to buy a bottle of water than bring your own when you have hundreds of emails and hours of meetings to attend. By bringing your own bottle, you’ll save yourself countless trips to the convenience store and ensure you’ll always have water on hand, so you won’t become dehydrated during your day.

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